If I can do it, you can do it too

The staff are extremely professional, exceptionally trained and conduct the sessions in a skillful and loving way. There is no shortage of laughter and love at Heartfelt House.

Participant M, 2018

My wish for you is that the parts of you that may have felt abandoned and alone and afraid will find a home here at Heartfelt House, where all of you is welcome.  And that you find the peace that you deserve.

Participant K, 2016

The fact that Heartfelt House exists shows me that there is a community that says “NO” to sexual abuse of children. We need more of these safe houses, so we can truly create a safe world.

Participant H, 2014

Thanks to Heartfelt House I can choose to view myself as a survivor. I have choice and power over my thoughts and my old stories in my head. From deep in my heart, thank you to Heartfelt House. I did not know how to do it myself. You have literally saved my life.

Participant L, 2018

Having completed the program, I want to share with you that there has been nothing in my forty-year recovery journey that has come close to this experience in terms of it’s healing power, nor its capacity to support me to change my relationship with myself and others.

Participant K, 2016