HEARTFELT House has offered their thanks to the Federal Government for delivering the National Apology to Victims and Survivors of Institutional Child Sexual Abuse last Monday.

The organisation, based at Wollongbar, provides support to the adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse and issued the following statement:

Heartfelt House thanks the Government for the acknowledgement and recognition of the abuse and ongoing pain, and suffering that adult survivors endured in their childhoods and beyond. We also thank those brave men and women who choose to break their silence about the abuse they suffered and instead helped to shine a light on these atrocities. Without their willingness to tell their stories, nothing would have changed.

We believe that it was incredibly important that both leaders apologised to ALL survivors of child sexual abuse, both in government and institutional setting and those abused in the family and domestic setting. We recognise that this may not lessen the impacts, hurt, sense of betrayal and/or injustice survivors feel.

We understand that the apology may have been both welcomed but also distressing, and may have triggered unexpected memories, thoughts and emotions for survivors. We recommend that if you or your loved ones are affected that you prioritise your well-being and make time to look after yourself. Talk to someone, go for a walk, be compassionate and kind to yourself. Call 1800 424 017 (24/7) if you want to talk to a counsellor.

Heartfelt House welcomes the Australian Government’s commitment to implementing all the recommendations made by the Royal Commission and support the NSW Government’s commitment of funding for services supporting adult survivors, including integrated specialist therapeutic services and enhanced funding for survivor groups and community support organisations.

Heartfelt House continues to provide a pathway to recovery which supports and empowers survivors to realise their potential as an individual, partner, parent and member of the community.

Heartfelt House is located at 301 Lismore Road, Wollongbar. TEL 02 6628 8940, Tuesday and Thursday 9am-2pm.