It is with a very sad heart that Heartfelt house writes this update.

Last week, as many of you would be aware, the Northern Rivers was inundated with rain and flood waters, many communities were cut off physically and digitally from the rest of the world.

Sadly, the cottage that Heartfelt House moved into in July of 2021 was inundated with flood waters and the building has been condemned. Heartfelt House is homeless.

Our offices are high and dry with Northern Rivers Women and Children’s Services and together we are working hard to service the community needs at this distressing time.  Right now, Heartfelt House wants to ensure that we are in the Northern Rivers community for the long haul out of this disaster, to be there for the survivors of this natural disaster, providing counselling, social workers, support and help.

Going forward Heartfelt House wants to continue to offer our group work online (as we have been during throughout COVID). But essentially, Heartfelt House needs to find another base for Heartfelt House, somewhere for our little cottage to set back up and recreate a safe and secure and beautiful place for Heartfelt House and its clients.

If you are able to, please donate to our Go Fund Me, if you are unable to, please share this amongst your networks:

Fundraiser by Heartfelt House : Rebuilding Heartfelt House (


Heartfelt House is a not-for-profit organisation that provides therapeutic group programs for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse with positive outcomes for healing and recovery.

We also provide support services for family, partners and friends of survivors, as well as workshops for professionals in the community.

Heartfelt House is excited about the recent merge with Northern Rivers Women and Children Services (NORWACS). This merge will enable Heartfelt House to strengthen and expand its services.

We thank you for your patience as we relaunch our website – in the meantime please follow us on our Facebook page (Heartfelt House – Facebook)

Your support is important to us – to donate please do so via the following bank account:

Account Name: NORWACS
BSB: 728 728
Account Number: 22330250

Healing pathways 2022


Healing Pathways


4th Feb 2022 (10am – 12.30 pm) Every Friday for 10 weeks

Face to Face Groups are back

Healing Pathways is a ten week group program for female survivors of childhood sexual abuse

Cost: $100 ($10 per session)

For more information phone 6628 8960 or email


Program for Women

Taking the First Steps is a professionally facilitated, structured, non-residential group therapy program …

Family and Friends

Eyes Wide Open is a seminar for non-offending family, partners and friends of survivors …

Professionals in the Community

Stand By Me is a seminar for professional members of the community such as doctors, social workers …

Additional Services

Telephone support service including information and referrals …

Get Involved


Heartfelt House is a not-for-profit organisation endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office as Deductible Gift Recipient. Donations over $2 are tax deductible.


If you have any ideas for a fundraising event please contact us with your suggestion.

Sponsors & Partners

Heartfelt House is partially funded to deliver group therapy under the Strong and Resilient Communities within the Families and Communities program.