We are an organisation that aims to provide support to adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse and their family and friends.

Childhood sexual abuse is like a cancer with long stretching tentacles that reach deep inside the soul of a survivor.

It is emotionally crippling and results in deep psychological scars that are impossible to erase and seemingly impossible to heal.

Heartfelt House endeavours to show adult survivors that there is another way. Heartfelt House recognises a survivor’s potential to live a full and satisfying lives without their past haunting their today.

Heartfelt House believes that with the right support and validation that reclaiming your life is only heart strength away.

We are located on the far north coast of New South Wales in beautiful and private gardens which are very conducive to healing. It is in this tranquil setting we run long and short term groups that walk survivors and their family and friends through their healing process.

Contact us during office hours on (02) 6628 8940 or click on Heart to Hearts to read our latest newsletter.